New residents move all the time to empty homes. The quality and comfort of moving to new place can be easier if home’s basic needs are there already. It takes a lot of time and effort to get all the goods from different places. By using Viako, person can make a double eco-friendly action: to buy a recycled item and return it after use.

We acquire and receive undamaged kitchen and textile goods that would otherwise go to waste disposal. We sort, wash and pack everything into new kitchen and textile packages


In school dormitories, residents usually don’t want to take all kitchenware and beddings with them when moving out, specially exchange students. Recycling in mind they might leave old items to next resident. Result of this is that in short period of time, apartments are full of broken goods. Our vision is to have clean apartments for new residents”

Rent for a week- concept: staff for festivals and for other seasonal workers often stay in temporary accommodations without kitchenware or beddings. We rent the necessary dishes and bedding in eco-friendly way.”

Ecological choice for organizing parties. We rent plates, glasses, cutlery and serving dishes. Our stock is enough for big events too”

Rent props for TV, film and theatre productions”

Our service is available for small and large companies. We tailor the service for every customer individually. We can arrange delivery for bigger orders.

Please contact and we will come to meet you.


We are currently looking for cooperation partners who are looking for ways to reduce unnecessary waste and recycle their leftover products in a more sustainable way. Cooperation models can be for example adding your products to our packages or giving a benefit for our customers.

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