A few years ago our dream was to find something that would combine our work and values. We wanted something that we could create and develop ourselves. As mothers the recycling of children’s clothes and other items was already part of everyday life. However, we felt that there was still much room for improvement in the circular economy.

Our story began when HOAS (The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region) looking for a partner to recycle the goods left by residents. They have 10 000 residents in the metropolitan area. We also co-operate with other universities and housing companies in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We hope to expand all over Finland in the future.

The name of the company Viako comes from the word Via, which means through, and Finnish word koti, which means home. So, it means through home. We believe in the development of the circulation economy and we currently focus to the sell kitchenware and bedding. In the future, we will scale into other everyday goods.

The company has two owners and employees on a seasonal basis if needed.